Protecting Your Rights After Property Owner Negligence

In Michigan, slipping on an icy sidewalk or tripping over a broken stair can quickly become more than just an accident. If you're injured on someone else's property due to such hazards, it's not just about knowing you have rights, but comprehending the depth of those rights and the obligations of the property owners. Premises liability isn't just a vague legal term; it's the framework that defines how property owners Read More

Asking For–And Getting–ADA Accommodations

  As a working professional who relies on a paycheck to maintain their standard of living, you are likely well aware of the implications of an injury or permanent disability. Depending on the type of work that you do and the industry you are in, getting back to your normal daily activities may be a challenge. Thankfully, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects your rights as an employee with disabilities. Read More

Comparative Negligence: Striking a Balance in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases have the potential to be emotionally charged. This is due in large part to the catastrophic damage an accident from a vehicular crash or slip and fall can cause. In some circumstances, multiple parties may share some degree of fault, which impacts the amount of compensation awarded to an injured party. Michigan uses the principle of comparative negligence to determine which party is at fault and Read More

Medical Malpractice: What You Need to Know

Going to the doctor is a source of anxiety for many people. We rely on medical professionals’ extensive education and expertise to give us sound advice and take our concerns seriously. Unfortunately, sometimes doctors fail to provide an appropriate level of care–leading to potentially life-altering injuries and even death. Medical malpractice lawsuits are an important part of holding providers accountable and Read More

Successful M&As Need Effective Attorneys

When your company reaches a certain level of success, it’s time to consider the next strategic move. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) have a lot of benefits and can really push your business to the next level. In order to reap the benefits, however, you have to navigate all of the legal and regulatory complexities carefully. Your attorney will be a powerful asset in the planning process by assisting with legal Read More

Human Resources Is Not Your Friend

One of the most common misconceptions found in the professional and corporate world is that Human Resources ("HR") departments and professionals were created as a way for employers and employees to work together harmoniously. There’s a nugget of truth to that, but at the end of the day, HR is specifically designed to protect employers from liability. This isn’t to say that you’re completely on your own if you’re Read More

How to Create a Business That Can Survive Disputes

Starting a business is exciting and can lead to amazing opportunities and connections that you may have never expected. Bringing in business partners and employees is a great way to increase your bandwidth and expand your long-term goals. The more your business grows, however, the more likely you are to encounter disputes of some kind. You will likely run into operating issues, employee disputes, or even client or Read More

Age Discrimination In The Workplace

The age of retirement continues to be pushed back further and further, which means that the total number of years individuals need to work in order to qualify for benefits also becomes longer and longer. In spite of all the experience that is developed over decades of hard work, opportunities are often passed on in favor of younger generations for a variety of reasons. Many of which are completely invalid and Read More

How To Handle Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment is unfortunately a common experience for many individuals. No matter the circumstances, the event can cause the victim great feelings of shame and embarrassment. The reporting process can be even more dehumanizing if the company does not have the appropriate personnel or infrastructure to rectify the situation. The following may serve as a guide to help victims of workplace sexual harassment find Read More

What to Expect When Filing a Lawsuit

If you are in a difficult situation where you believe that someone has wronged you or caused harm, there are a variety of ways to handle a dispute outside a court of law. However, there are times when contacting an attorney and filing a lawsuit is the best and only remaining option. Lawsuits can be stressful and time-consuming, but this guide will help clarify the process and give you a better chance of a favorable Read More