Sports & Entertainment Law

Dedicated Legal Counsel for the Sports and Entertainment Industry

The sports and entertainment industry in the US is big business which lends itself to numerous legal considerations and issues. All of our law firm’s business services, from disputes and litigation to M&As to contracts, are applicable in the sports and entertainment industry, and we have experience applying our business law knowledge and skills for such clients. 

We have worked with NBA and NFL players, singer-songwriters, producers, studios, and more on a wide range of sports and entertainment legal issues such as:

  • Reviewing/drafting contracts
  • Licensing
  • Marketing and distribution deals
  • Song placement in films
  • Etc.

Our firm also assists in non-profit formation and can help produce events for foundations or non-profit endeavors.

If you are working in the sports or entertainment industry, and you need any sort of legal counsel or assistance, please contact our team today to set up a free consultation.