Automobile Accidents

Third-Party Recovery in Michigan and Illinois Automobile Accidents

In addition to our No-Fault Insurance services, we also assist plaintiffs in third-party recovery in automobile accidents. When you have been the victim of a car accident, we will fight to ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve.

Third-party recovery can include a wide range of benefits including pain and suffering and other non-economic benefits. The team of attorneys at the law office of Carla D. Aikens, P.L.C. will use our extensive knowledge and experience to assess whether the high threshold for third-party benefits has been met, and we will negotiate on your behalf and take your battle to court when necessary to ensure equitable recovery. 

Our goal is to represent your best interests with honesty and integrity, and defend you from those who would seek to take advantage of you in likely one of the most vulnerable times of your life. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, please give us a call today.