Uninsured Accidents and the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan

The State of Michigan requires vehicle owners to maintain no-fault insurance coverage on their vehicle. However, accidents frequently occur in which neither party involved has insurance coverage. Perhaps you were driving a friend’s uninsured vehicle and were struck by another uninsured vehicle. Perhaps you don’t even own a car and and you were struck by an uninsured vehicle as a pedestrian. Perhaps you were the victim of a hit and run with no way of collecting from the perpetrator.
What happens in such cases? How will the injured party receive insurance benefits when there is no insurance company to pay them?
Fortunately, in accidents in which you were not required to have insurance, and the other party did not have insurance, the State of Michigan has created a useful system known as the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (MACP) to fill the gap and provide no-fault Personal Injury Protection benefits.
Originally a government-run plan founded in 1973, the system was privatized in 2013 and is now run by the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF)—a joint underwriting association of various insurance companies.
Nonetheless, Michigan residents pay into the MACP every year, and if you are in an uninsured accident within the State of Michigan you are likely entitled to receive no-fault benefits.
MACP is meant as a last resort, and is meant to fill the gap and provide no-fault benefits only when there is no other insurance company to pay, whether it is yours, the other driver’s, or even the insurance of a relative with whom you reside.
Some of the no-fault benefits you may be entitled to include unlimited medical benefits (potentially for life), wage loss benefits (up to 3 years), practical benefits like in-home assistance or transportation to the doctor, and much more. However, ever since the system was privatized, it can be a major struggle to collect on these benefits.
The fact is, the insurance companies involved in the MAIPF often treats claimants as if they are unwanted, and they will seek out any means to avoid paying them the benefits they are entitled to. This is because they do not like the idea of providing benefits to people who have not paid them premiums. Nonetheless, Michigan residents do pay for these benefits, and if you are in an uninsured accident in which there is no insurance company that is required to pay the no-fault benefits, you are entitled to benefits through the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan.
With the assistance of a skilled attorney who completely understands the system, you should be able to recover the benefits you deserve. Attorney Carla D. Aikens has a 100% recovery rate of at least some no-fault benefits in such cases. If you are in an uninsured accident in Michigan, be sure to call our office before taking any other actions to collect your benefits, including filling out the MACP application since mistakes on your application could prove ruinous for your entire claim. Let us fight to get you the no-fault insurance benefits you are entitled to.

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