Understanding No-Fault Insurance in Michigan

Michigan is one of 12 states that have no-fault auto insurance, and one of just nine that require all drivers to purchase it. It is the only state with unlimited coverage. No-fault auto insurance is one of the most misunderstood forms of insurance, and all too often, the misinformation leads people who have been injured in an accident to have their claims wrongfully denied. Take some time to learn more about Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance laws, and how they can apply to you.
What is No-Fault Auto Insurance?
No-fault auto insurance is a type of insurance where your own insurance policy will cover any qualifying personal injury expenses after an accident, regardless of which driver is at fault. The policy behind this law is to make it easier on those who have been in an accident to get immediate medical costs paid for, since they won’t have the delays and disputes associated with determining who is actually at fault. In reality, however, many people still have to battle with their insurance companies to get what they are entitled to.
Is it the reason my premiums are so high?
No. No-Fault Auto Insurance accounts for less than $15 of your monthly premium. The amount is fixed for all insurance companies so everyone pays the same amount to receive lifetime medical benefits if they are injured in an auto accident.
Who Needs No-Fault Auto Insurance in Michigan?
Michigan is one of 9 states that requires that all insurance policies include no-fault coverage. So, anyone who is driving a vehicle in Michigan has to have this type of coverage. Since insurance policies are written against a specific vehicle and not a specific driver, you need to ensure that every car you drive has the proper no-fault insurance coverage.
When Does It Apply?
No-fault insurance is designed to pay for expenses related to injuries caused by an auto accident. This would include coverage for the driver of the vehicle, as well as all passengers in the vehicle at the time of the accident. If you live with a relative who has an auto insurance policy, and you are injured by a motor vehicle (even a hit-and-run), you are also entitled to No-Fault benefits. Persons without insurance who are injured in or by an uninsured vehicle may still be entitled to No-Fault benefits, as long as they were not the owner of the uninsured vehicle. This area of insurance has nothing to do with expenses related with getting your vehicle fixed, which is a common misconception.
Whether coverage applies in your individual situation can be very confusing, so it is best to contact a lawyer who can help you navigate the system.
What Does It Cover?
If you or a passenger is injured in an auto accident, the no-fault insurance should cover most expenses related to the injury. This would include things like:

  • Direct hospital & doctors visit costs
  • Medical transportation (ambulance)
  • In-home nursing if needed
  • Wage loss (up to 3 years)
  • And more

To put it simply, if there is an expense that is caused by the injuries you experienced in an auto accident, the chances are good that your insurance company should be paying for them. There are limits, which will be specified in your policy, but don’t ever assume something isn’t covered. If you’ve been injured in an accident, make sure you get the professional, experienced legal help you need to recover everything you are entitled to.
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