Mother’s Rights Law: Pregnancy Discrimination and Your Rights in Michigan

Finding out you are pregnant is often one of the most exciting and joy filled experiences of your life. If your employer is not treating you the way it should, however, the results can be devastating. Thankfully, pregnancy discrimination in the state of Michigan falls under the protections based on gender discrimination.
Asking for Maternity Leave
In Michigan, new mothers must be given at least the same accommodations that are provided to anyone else when they need short-term disability. If an employer offers paid time off when someone needs short term disability, you are entitled to it as part of maternity leave, as well. In addition, employers can’t fire you or otherwise negatively impact your employment just because you became pregnant or required maternity leave.
Improperly Denied Leave
If you believe that your employer has improperly denied your maternity leave, you can take steps to protect your rights. If the denial of a maternity leave request occurs prior to giving birth, you may be able to take steps now to get your employer to do the right thing. If the denial happens after you have given birth, it is often a good idea to file a suit to get compensated for having your rights violated.
Improper Termination of Employment
Some employers will look for reasons to terminate the employment of a pregnant woman in order to avoid having to provide maternity leave. If you have lost your job after letting your employer know that you are pregnant, you need to act quickly to protect your rights. Start by taking the time to document everything you can that led up to your termination, and anything that happened after the fact. Take this information to an attorney who can evaluate your situation and help you protect your rights.
Denial of Employment
Another type of pregnancy discrimination that occurs, and is often overlooked, is actual denial of employment. Employers cannot make hiring decisions based on the pregnancy of a woman. If you believe you were passed up for a new job, or advancement with your current employer, you may be able to take legal action. While it can sometimes be difficult to prove that you didn’t get a job specifically because you are pregnant, it is possible in some cases depending on what was said or done before, during, and after the interview process.
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