A Brief Q&A on Michigan Premises Liability

If you are injured while on another person’s property, you may have the right to file a personal injury suit against them in some situations. When going through these lawsuits, you will discover that the premises liability laws in Michigan are going to have a big impact on how the case is handled. Read on to get answers to some common questions about this important topic.
Q: What Happens If You Were Not Invited onto the Property?
A: In the state of Michigan, you don’t have to be expressly invited onto the property for the premises liability laws to apply. If the property is commercial, for example, there is an implied invitation to those there to do business. A lawsuit is possible in most cases as long as you weren’t illegally on the property in question. If you are not sure, it is best to speak with a personal injury attorney to determine your legal rights.
Q: What If the Property Owner Didn’t Know About the Hazard on the Premises?
A: The property owner of any land is obligated to make sure that the premises are in a reasonably safe condition. If they are aware of a hazard, they must put up a sign or other notice to keep people away from the danger. Even if they did not know about the hazard, however, it can often be shown that they reasonably should have known of the risk.
Q: “I Was Hired to Work on the Property, Can I Still Sue?”
A: Employees, contractors, and others who are invited to a property to perform work are entitled to a safe environment. You can often file a personal injury lawsuit if you were injured on the premises. You may also be able to get workmen’s compensation and other benefits, so make sure you know all your legal options. 
Q: “I Was Injured at a Friend’s House. Will I Really Have to Sue Them?”
A: In this type of situation, you will likely have to file a lawsuit against your friend in name only, because they will not typically be the one to actually pay any damages. The homeowner’s insurance policy that your friend has in place will be the ones that will have to pay out any settlement or judgment, so you do not have to worry about suing your friend or putting your friend in a bad situation. 
Q: “Who Can Help Me Through This Process?”
A: Personal injury lawsuits of all types can be complicated, and this includes cases that involve premises liability law. Whenever you are injured like this, you will want to speak with an attorney as quickly as possible to ensure you know the best course of action. Please contact us to schedule a consultation right away.

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